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The Brighter Future program provides Parenting and Relationship programs within antenatal sessions along the Northwest Coast of Tasmania. Locations for the program include the Burnie Child and Family Centre, Smithton Hospital, the Mersey Hospital and the East Devonport Child and Family Centre.

Families and households are changing at a faster pace than many people are able to adapt to without support. A growing number of families are finding it difficult to manage parenting, relationships, financial pressure, time constraints and the pressure of unemployment resulting in increased stress on the family unit. This pressure often leads to relationship and family breakdown resulting in up to 46% of marriages ending in divorce with two thirds of those with children under the age of 10yrs. This places children under significant pressure at a highly vulnerable age leading to poor physical, psychological and emotional and intellectual development.

Facilitated by a professional team of marriage and family therapists, licensed social workers and registered nurses, A Brighter Future provides evidence-based parenting and relationship information, advice and services to new and/or expecting parents to support child development during the crucial early years of life. The parenting programs are delivered as a supplement to the antenatal classes at the North West Hospitals and provide information and advice on what to expect as a new parent, how having a child affects relationships, financial advice and maintaining good mental health as well as parenting advice and support for new parents.

Brighter Futures – Brad for Dads

Brad a qualified Counsellor has been working with dads at the Burnie Child and Family Centre over the past year from support from Rural Health – Antenatal Parenting and Relationship Brighter Future Program.

Parents attend a 2 hour Brighter Future program ‘Relationship and Parenting program at Burnie Child and Family Centre which is funded by Tasmanian Community Fund.

‘Brad for Dads’ program sets aside extra time during the week at the BCFC in the aim to engage with dads around the skills needed for fatherhood to assist them raise the next generation of children.

Brad’s enthusiasm and approachable nature allows many dad’s to build strong relationships with Brad and talk openly with him about their journey as a father.

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